Sustainable urban development map
Sustainable urban development map

Guidelines for sustainable urban development

Setting Priorities for sustainable urban development based on satellite data analysis

With the growth of urban populations and the increasing impact of climate change, cities face significant challenges related to the safety and health of their inhabitants and ecosystems.

Our analysis, based on Earth Observation data and AI algorithms, identifies priority areas for action in sustainable urban development to mitigate the effects of climate change in urban areas. This includes recommendations for measures to mitigate the urban microclimate, in line with the concept of a climate-resilient city.


  • Reducing pollution (air, water, soil, noise) in cities

  • Improvement in the quality of urban spaces

  • Reduction of health risks for city users

  • Increase in biodiversity.

  • Urban stormwater management

Scientific basis and sources

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    "Exposure to heat, air pollution, and pollen are associated with health outcomes, including cardiovascular and respiratory disease."

What do we offer?

  • Analysis of the quality and accessibility of urban green spaces

  • Data-driven insights about the most problematic urban morphology

  • Analyses of green investments and their impact on the urban microclimate

  • Monitoring of green urban infrastructure