Urban analytics based on Earth observation data and AI

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Let's make urban environment safer for human health

Pollution, infrastructure, imperviousness surfaces, and lack of urban greenery make urban climate dangerous.

Projected climate change and urban population growth will enhance current problems in the future.

Oasis City Lab is an innovative AI-based solution that analyses satellite data to track urban threats in three main areas crucial to sustainable growth.

Public Health
Urban Green
Excessive Energy

Our approach


Collecting Data

We help you realise the biggest challenges you're facing and collect the necessary data.


Data analysis with ML and AI models

We dive deep into the data and aim to understand spatial patterns.


Outcomes and conclusions

Data-driven urban insights with profiled solutions and countermeasures.


Progress tracking

Implementation of solutions and tracking the progress and pace of changes

Urban Heat Island mapUrban Heat Island map
Medical risk mapMedical risk map
Urban greenery mapUrban greenery map

Our services

Urban Heat Island Analysis

Tracking hotspots in overheated cities by Surface Urban Heat Island satellite monitoring

Optimising Medical
Rescue Services

A dedicated analysis of health threats based on machine learning

Need For Greenery Analysis

Utilising Green Infrastructure in Creating a Climate-Resilient City Strategy

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